Wednesday, June 22, 2022

10 Living Writers I Admire Yet Am Afraid to Meet & Why

(in no particular order)


1.     Lionel Shriver*: too relentless

2.     Margaret Atwood: too angsty about not yet winning the Nobel she deserves

3.     Donna Tartt: too happy living a life without social media

4.     Zadie Smith: too talented

5.     Roxane Gay: too worried I’m accidentally friends with her nemesis

6.     Erica Jong: too sexy

7.     Jay McInerney: too tired of talking about my beloved second person POV

8.     Jon Krakauer: too eager to investigate

9.     Tara Westover: too educated

10.  Colson Whitehead: too many Pulitzers

*Wearing that sombrero didn't help....

 NOTE: I'm taking a summer break from writer interviews and am just going to have FUN with this blog for a month or so.


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