Thursday, June 16, 2022

10 Dead Writers I Would Cook For

(in no particular order)


1.     Willa Cather: This fellow Midwesterner gets pink Jell-O salad.

2.     J.D. Salinger: I would make him eat a big ole rare steak and a gigantic baked potato with tons of sour cream

3.     F. Scott Fitzgerald: My husband will be charge, and we’ll get out the good silver shaker and FILL it with icy cold gin martinis, all night long.

4.     Ernest Hemingway: I’m not good at cooking fish, but I bet he’d like the spicy, secret salsa and the story of how I wheedled the recipe out of that restaurant owner in Kearny, AZ.

5.     E.B. White: I think I’ll order lox and bagels from Barney Greengrass in NYC.

6.     Louise Fitzhugh: Tomato sandwiches, natch!

7.     Herman Melville: I’m worried about scurvy, so I think I’ll make him a smoothie.

8.     Laurie Colwin: Oh, darling, I’ll happily let you cook for me!

9.     Raymond Carver: Mashed potatoes with gravy (and if you don’t know why, read this).

10.  Nancy Mitford: We each get our VERY own Fuller’s Walnut Cake (pictured above).


 NOTE: I'm taking a summer break from writer interviews and am just going to have FUN with this blog for a month or so.







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