Friday, March 16, 2018

Where to Send Your Work?

The age-old questions…where to submit your work? Who’s open for manuscripts? What are the deadlines if you’re trying to balance and/or avoid some simultaneous submissions while not missing the tiny window of an open reading period? While nothing will replace the careful study of the lit journal/small press scene (i.e. reading work to understand the vibe and aesthetic of a publication), a list of open places can be helpful, especially when it offers links, is free, and does not overwhelm.

I’m happy to say I found such a list on Entropy Magazine: Where to Submit: March, April, May. That’s right, it’s targeted to RIGHT NOW and will be updated for June, July, August. And then for the fall. And then for the winter. !! Is this heaven? No, it’s the internet.

Read all about it:


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