Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tips for Making the Most of Your Writing Time

What writer doesn’t feel like she needs more time for her work? Shelby Settles Harper gets serious about becoming more productive during her writing hours:

I sometimes feel like a loser when I think about how long it’s taking me to write my first novel. Yes, I have a lot of good excuses (writing it while earning an MA in Writing and while birthing/adopting/raising three young children and writing it during my family’s three-year living abroad experience). Perhaps I’m supposed to cut my teeth on one novel that’s a decade in the making while other writers learn to write by writing two or three novels…but none of those things makes me feel like less of a loser. 

So I read a book on time management. It was awesome! It turns out – light bulb! – that I’ve got a few bad habits that might contribute to my slow pace. While I can’t control my kids’ sick days or school holidays, there are many small changes I can make to be more productive…..


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