Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exciting News...It Always Comes in Threes!

Exciting News!

The Kirkus Reviews has named THIS ANGEL ON MY CHEST as one of the best books of fiction in 2015. (Okay, there are a number of books on this list, so you have to go to page 10 to find me…but there I am!!)


Here’s a thoughtful interview with me for Fiction Writers Review, conducted by Melissa Scholes Young:

…After several months of NYC publishers telling me my book was “too sad” and that they couldn’t deal with short stories, I spent a year entering the top fiction contests. The same basic manuscript was a semi-finalist twice, rejected four times, and won the contest I would have selected as the one I wanted most! I share this in an encouraging way: cast a wide net and accept that there is always subjectivity to the publishing biz….


Today (November 17) is my last public book event for the year. I’ll be at the annual Authors’ Night & Book Fair at the National Press Club, selling books with a giant herd of other writers, including “Shirley” from the TV show “Laverne & Shirley,” Sister Souljah, the former White House chef, assorted members of congress and senators and ex-governors, poet Sandra Beasley…to name only a few! Do stop by—surely this line-up is crazy enough to be wonderful fun!


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