Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ISO Tips for Surviving MFAs and Workshops

I’m going to write up a “back to school” post about how to make the most out of your MFA and/or workshop experience.  I’d love your suggestions and recommendations.  All genres are welcome, and any aspect of the overall experience.

--What did you wish you knew on your first day that you know now? 
--What was something you started doing (or stopped doing!) partway through the program that led to better results? 
--How on earth does one learn to deal with those egotistical writing teachers?!
--Any suggestions about managing time?
--How did you get through your first critique?
--Money…tips for getting by without going totally broke?
--How to deal with that annoying person in your workshop who knows everything about everything?
--Etc., etc., etc.

Please email your thoughts to me— lesliepietrzyk@gmail.com  – and let me know if you’d like your contribution to be anonymous or, if you don’t mind being attributed, then how (i.e. Jane S., fiction writer; Jane Smith, MFA, State U; a poet from Poughkeepsie).

I can’t promise I’ll use everything, but I’ll try! 


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