Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dan Rosenberg's New Book, The Crushing Organ

I’m pleased to announce that Dan Rosenberg, whose poem “Here” appears here on Redux, has just published his first book of poems:  The Crushing Organ, winner of the 2011 American Poetry Journal Book Prize.

Obviously I’m a fan, having selected Dan’s work for Redux, but this blurb is another compelling recommendation: 

"Quick, immediate, and deeply compassionate, Rosenberg’s poems cover the vast range of the immanent quotidian. Through all their impossible turnings, we’re nonetheless convinced that we’re in the presence of the concrete, even the documentary. And while they recognize pressing catastrophe when they see it, yet they also see a way out—in a burst of flame, in storms with eyes, in a wire hanger bent to the shape of a human heart. Rosenberg has given us a tour de force of hope achieved through, rather than despite, a clear view of the current world."Cole Swensen
And if you’re still in doubt, go here to read three more poems by Dan, published on “I Thought I Was New Here.”


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