Thursday, June 28, 2012

Politics and Prose Imprint ISO Fiction, Poetry, Essays, Graphics for District Anthology

Interesting news from the Politics &  Prose bookstore newsletter:  the store is starting a new publishing imprint, which can’t help but be good news, right?  For the first project, they’ll be putting together an anthology about DC neighborhoods and are seeking writing and graphics, which is a great idea (though as a suburban DC-ite, I feel shunned; though maybe the surrounding areas ARE included?  It’s unclear to me.).  My real beef is the $10 entry fee to have work considered…I know publishing ain’t cheap, but this seems on the high side to me for a “prize” of one free copy.

Nevertheless, here are the details:

Attention Writers!
Politics & Prose is excited to announce the launch of its P&P imprint, starting with an anthology of original, local work to be called District Lines. The anthology is intended to capture a sense of people and place in DC and the surrounding metropolitan area.

We are now soliciting submissions—poems, essays, short stories, coherent musings and ramblings, scribbles, comics, or graphics—that describe a particular DC metropolitan neighborhood. Work must be original and previously unpublished. Prose should be under 3,000 words. Graphics must be in a PDF file that can be reproduced in black and white.

The deadline for submissions is September 22, 2012. All entries must be accompanied by a $10 entry fee, which will allow us to give each author of a submission that is selected for publication a free copy of the anthology. We hope to hold an event at the store once the anthology is published and will ask selected contributors to join us for an open reading.

Please submit entries in a word document, double-spaced, using Times New Roman, 12 point font. For graphics or art please submit work in a PDF file.


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