Friday, June 1, 2012

Converse Residency: Day 1

Observations from the first full day of the residency:

--Dorm lighting is highly unflattering.

--Dorm beds are made for 18-year-olds.

--Grilled cheese-egg-ham sandwiches make a great breakfast.

--If you arrive early to the cocktail reception, you may get a private wine tasting.

--My creative nonfiction colleague Susan Tekulve is super-smart about writing novels-in-stories.  (I can’t possibly summarize her excellent craft lecture, but she discussed what a true novel-in-stories is, the characteristics of n-i-s using examples from Love Medicine, Olive Kitteridge, and Our Kind, and she was a fierce advocate for the form.  I plan to nag at her until she adapts this talk for an article for the AWP Chronicle.)

--My smart and chatty workshop group will be awesome! 

--I’m exhausted already, but I don’t want to miss a minute, so no way am I going to bed early!!


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