Monday, December 5, 2011

Interview with The Sun Magazine's Managing Editor

Everyone knows I love The Sun magazine!  Here’s a recent interview with managing editor Tim McKee that illuminates some of the many reasons I continue to subscribe to and recommend this beautiful, thought-provoking, occasionally uncomfortable magazine:

Tegan Swanson: A reader characterizes The Sun as showing “the beauty, the wonder & the dirty truth of the human spirit” – why do you think this is representative of your artistic aesthetic?

Tim McKee: The dirty truth is pretty key – beauty and wonder is important, but we don’t want to leave out the hard part.  We don’t shy away from occupying the messy parts of life.  A Sun reader is someone at a party, if you ask them how they are, they’d much prefer to stand in the corner with you and have a conversation for 45 minutes, rather than the superficial social moment.  There are a lot of party conversations in the media – we’re not interested in furthering small talk, or illusions that life is easy or simple.  That’s the writing that we gravitate towards….


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