Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crazy Daisy vs. Ms. Grind

I love this blog post by Karin Gillespie, one of the fiction students in the Converse College Low-Res MFA program.  She writes about the dueling nature of the writer’s brain and the writing process:

“Have you ever read the work of a young, uncorrupted writer? It’s like venturing into a jungle: Fresh. Green. Wild. Monkeys beating their furry chests. Parrots shrieking. Anacondas curling around trees. A chaos of creativity.

“Such a writer is ruled almost entirely by her subconscious. The subconscious—let’s call her Crazy Daisy -- doesn’t know the difference between a gerund and a dangling participle; she only cares about expressing herself. Writing is play, not work.

“Unfortunately Crazy Daisy, charming as she is, has a problem: Her work meanders like a toddler strewing petals at a wedding: she needs to be reined in.  Enter Ms. Grind.

 Ms. Grind cares about the rules.”

How to resolve this tension and use it to our advantage? Who wins, Crazy Daisy or Ms. Grind?  Read on to see!


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