Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Drum Literary Magazine: An Audio Journal

As summer comes to a close, many literary journals will be opening up again for submissions, and writers everywhere will be sending out those envelopes (or .rtf files) with high hopes.  I’ve been looking for some interesting new markets and came across the Drum Literary Magazine, which publishes short fiction, essays, novel excerpts, and interviews exclusively in audio form. You don't read The Drum. You listen to it. The Drum is your source for Literature Out Loud.”

Here are the general guidelines (check the website for more details):
“The Drum is looking for work that pays close attention to language while never losing sight of the narrative drive. We want stories that really do tell a story. And essays that engage in the complexity of an idea.

“We publish essays under 10,000 words in length, and fiction in a wide range of lengths: short-shorts (under 2,000 words), short stories (under 10,000), and novel excerpts (generally up to 50 pages; we may choose to publish novel excerpts in two segments). We want to accommodate our writers, and we're sure our readers will appreciate the variety.

“If we accept your work, we will be in touch about how to arrange a recording. Make sure that your name, your contact info, and the title of the work appear on each page of the manuscript. Present the manuscript with standard margins and type.”

You can listen online, download stories, and/or get a subscription: http://www.drumlitmag.com/index.php?page=about&family=us&category=02--About_the_Drum&display=22

More info here.


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