Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Outside My Comfort Zone

Only the most devoted, most compulsive readers of this blog will remember this post* from last autumn, in which I wrote the following:

“I’ve recently become involved in something that involves words—so that seems comfortable and familiar—but this activity uses words in a very different way than I’m used to (no, not competitive Scrabble), and in a way that’s interestingly uncomfortable for me. Sorry to seem so secretive, but it’s all so new and seems fragile—like the way I feel when I’m thinking about a new novel idea, as if one wrong comment might bring the whole structure down. So I’m keeping this to myself a little longer.”

Time for the dramatic reveal, which also includes an invitation: I will be performing in the second show of DC’S newest, finest story-telling group, Story League. (If you’re unfamiliar with modern story-telling as an art, think This American Life [ ] as heard on NPR or The Moth in New York City []. Story-telling today is kind of an exhilarating cross between performance art, creative non-fiction, and stand-up comedy.)

Yes, I’m nervous…no notes allowed! A dark bar filled with people holding easily-thrown drinks! Stories that are ALL TRUE—no fiction allowed! Actually, it sounds more comfortable to stand at naked at a mic on a bad hair day.

But I’m also thrilled. Watch for more details in the weeks to come, but for sure the date is Thursday, May 5, with the venue likely being a bar somewhere in Dupont Circle, with tickets in the ten bucks range. I went to the first show, and it was incredible.  So please do think about coming by.

Okay, I’ve written it on my blog. It’s for real!

Here’s a great article about Story League and the founders, S.M. Shrake and Cathy Alter:

*Read the rest of this post here:


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