Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Issue of Beltway

Here’s an announcement from Beltway, the fabulous online poetry quarterly edited by Kim Roberts:

The Spring 2011 issue is now available for free online, featuring seven exciting and diverse voices from Washington, DC:

Announcing Volume 12.2: Featuring the poems of Donna Denize, Julie R. Enszer, Charles Jensen, Gowri Koneswaran, Yvette Neisser Moreno, Gregory Pardlo, and stevenallenmay.

There is lots of good stuff here, but I confess that as the daughter of a chemistry professor, I was particularly drawn to “My Name Is Ethyl,” by Julie R. Enszer, in which the father wants to name his daughters “Ethyl, Methyl, and Propyl”:

Although when I was younger
I wanted to be my sister, heir to the name
Propyl, I imagined us calling
her Iso for short and my other sister Di,
but the joke would have been
only in our family—it would never
have translated to the hard-scrabble
streets of Saginaw—for that reason
and many others, my mother resisted
my father’s chemical compounds…

Chemistry and Ethel the rest here (scroll down):


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