Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loving List Magazine

Who doesn’t love a good list? When I saw a call for submissions from List Magazine, I had to check out the publication (brave new world question: is it still called a “publication” when it’s online?). Up right now is a list of How to Say a Few Words in 10 Languages That Will Soon Be Extinct, including this entry:

nyingka ngudi-na wangalk, ngoda ngumban-ju burldi-nyarr Don't you throw the boomerang, or I'll throw one at you." Kayardild, a Tangkic language spoken by eight people on islands off the northwest coast of Queensland, Australia.”

Who can resist? I signed up for a free email subscription; the site is updated every two weeks.

And here’s the call for submissions, in case you’ve got a great list:

List Magazine is a new online literary magazine featuring nonfictional lists by guest experts in science, art, and public spectacle, and other serious persons. We invite submissions at . Send complete lists, partial lists, ideas for lists, and other species of correspondence. Lists can be funny, sad, curious, personal, historical, whatever you like, but they must be true, and they must be your original work. Include a brief bio. We respond within two weeks. Contributors agree to publish their lists under the magazine's creative commons license. We publish one list every two weeks at http://www.listmagazine.org


DC-area author Leslie Pietrzyk explores the creative process and all things literary.