Monday, September 27, 2010

dirtcakes: Exciting Journal Inspired by the UN Millennium Development Goals

Here’s an interesting journal/venue that was recently brought to my attention by founding editor Catherine Keefe. The current calls for submission are intriguing:

dirtcakes is a triannual journal of creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography dedicated to exploring themes suggested by the UN Millennium Development Goals to end extreme poverty by 2015. "The Hunger Issue" was published in June 2010.

dirtcakes is an edited blog café to follow projects large and small aimed at ending poverty.

dirtcakes welcomes work from both emerging and established writers, and is devoted to presenting work in both its language of origin and translations.

dirtcakes pays its contributors funds gleaned from recycling cans and bottles.

dirtcakes remembers Haiti, the nation from which the title is derived; dirtcakes are what mamans make when there’s no food.

dirtcakes is a movable community sponsoring readings, art shows, instruction in the arts, and events to help give voice to good works.

Read more about this ambitious and inspired journal at the website:

You can submit your creative non-fiction, poetry, and visual media here, but be sure to notice the current call for submissions (deadline October 1):

What We Want: "School Me" Fall, 2010
Dedicated to UN Millennium Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education.
Teach us something. We’re looking for words and images exploring all facets of education. What’s the most important thing you ever learned? Who taught you? What have you tried to teach? Why? What did you first learn? What lessons stayed with you? What didn’t look like a typical education but taught you more than any class?

The next call sounds equally interesting:
Winter 2011: Girls Will Be Women
Dedicated to UN Millennium Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
What is gender? What is equality? What does it mean to “empower women?” The word “empower” bears within its meaning an inherent giver. Who permits woman to have or to lose power? Does equality mean the same?


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