Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dreaming of Distant Lands....

Yes, it's snowing again. Yes, the fifty-yard cul de sac road that we live on is coated in a lovely but 8 inch thick blanket of snow. No, the city won't plow it. Yes, we live at the very end of this drive. No, there's nowhere left to pile up snow.

Could be worse: we still have booze and power.

And there's always hope for a future that does not involve snow or shoveling:


Art Factory Bialystok is an international artist/writer’s residence program in the beautiful town of Białystok, located in the northeast of Poland. The Art Factory Białystok Writer’s Residence is open to all writers– published and beginning writers seriously committed to their craft – from any countries, writing in English. The residence will take place June 1-30, 2010.

The aim of the residence is to provide the time to develop a body of work, hone that work during workshop-style meetings with the other participants, as well as public readings. Moreover, the program will be enriched by several inspiring day trips to nearby towns, showcasing the cultural and gastronomical diversity [I sure like the sound of this!] of the region. Cost: 850 PLN (approx. US$300, €200, £190) This includes accomodation, a monthly bus pass for transportation within Białystok, a historic/architectural tour of Białystok with an English-speaking guide, as well as transportation and entrance fees for trips.

Accomodation will be provided in student dormitories with internet access and a shared kitchen.

Participants must cover the cost of transportation to and from Bialystok and food.

letter of application – stating what you would like to work on during the residence, what you will bring to the residence (personality-wise, work-wise, etc), if you’d ever participated in any sort of residency before, why this residence in particular interests you, current projects, work habits, etc.
bio – information about you, education, achievements, etc.
min. 10 page writing sample in ENGLISH

Applications are accepted by EMAIL:
More information:


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