Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cabin Fever: Feeling Surly about Salinger

We are still in a state of shock anticipating ANOTHER incoming blizzard, bringing ANOTHER 16 inches of snow. Is this the cruelest and earliest April Fool’s joke ever?

The other side of Salinger’s reclusiveness (from Salon):

“But I think there is another, more insidious reason that the literary establishment is so invested in the fictional, reclusive Salinger. It is a convenient cudgel with which to silence any discussion of Salinger's personal life, particularly any revelation of unsavory truths about one of America's most revered authors. Both Joyce Maynard and Salinger's daughter Margaret were vilified for violating the great man's privacy when they wrote about their own experiences with him and exposed his predatory, controlling relationships with women. Instead of exploring the insights these revelations might bring to readings of Salinger's work (not to mention the women's right to tell their own stories), critics dismissed their books as exploitative, attention-seeking stunts.”

Read the rest here. (Thanks for the link, Lauren!)


And Wednesday's anticipated reading in DC by Dylan Landis and Joanna Smith Rakoff, that I mentioned here, has been postponed. Will spring ever come again?


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