Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ISO Polish, Polish-American Poetry

Poet John Guzlowski announces that he and Christina Pacosz are editing a special feature devoted to Polish and Polish Diaspora writers in the poetry journal Kritya. Details are available at his blog, Writing the Polish Diaspora (, but basically:

Kritya, an online Journal of Poetry published in India, is doing a special issue on contemporary Polish and Polish-American poetry and is looking for poetry and art by Poles or people of Polish descent. The poems should touch on some aspects of Polish or Polish Diaspora culture. The journal can be seen at The deadline is February 1, 2009, and the issue is scheduled to appear in May of 2009.Send your contributions to the co-editors for this special issue, John Guzlowski or Christina Pacosz at and

John is a fabulous poet and a strong advocate of the Polish-American experience in art; for a treat, you can hear Garrison Keillor read his poem, “What My Father Believed” on the Writer’s Almanac by going to this link:


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