Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Short Trip Down 95

James River Writers (JRW) is a non-profit Richmond-based group of professional writers and friends of literature promoting the art of writing and the love of books in Virginia. They’re always offering a fabulous array of programs, and here’s one that caught my attention, perhaps because I recently taught a class about effective openings and the topic has been on my mind.

The Writing Show: The First Five Pages
Do your opening sentences capture your reader's attention? Do your first five pages grab your audience so that they can't wait to read on? What makes a great beginning to a work of fiction or non-fiction? The April Writing Show, presented by JRW and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, will feature Ed Falco, Nancy Schoenberger, and David Stevens, all accomplished writers and teachers from three of Virginia's top universities, along with moderator David L. Robbins, discussing the essential features that can make your opening a page-turner.

Thursday, April 26
Eureka Theater
Science Museum of Virginia
2500 West Broad Street
6 PM Member Social \\ 6:30 PM Writing Show begins
$10 General Admission \\ $5 with valid college/university ID
Information and online registration

Important Travel Tips: While you’re in Richmond, be sure to check out one of my favorite used bookshops, Chop Suey. And you might as well have some barbecue, too; it’s not the best barbecue I’ve ever had, but it’s the first good barbecue you'll encounter on 95 heading down from DC. (In another life, I was an official barbecue judge, so I’m very fussy about my barbecue.) And by all means, don’t forget the limeade!!


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