Monday, April 2, 2007

Poetry Month, Day Two

More excitement for Poetry Month….

The Spring 2007 issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly, guest edited by Kwame Alexander, features five women whose training in science and medicine influences the way they write about relationships. Featuring poems by:

Jennifer Gresham * Katy Richey * Maureen O'Dea *
Tonya Maria Matthews * Deanna Nikaido

As Kwame Alexander writes in his introduction, "Scientists are finding that, after all, love really comes down to a chemical addiction between people. Here I was thinking that my wife was attracted to my sonnets and sestinas, and all along it was Dopamine. Maybe it’s not so cut and dry, but certainly there is a connection, and this issue of Beltway takes a look at the intersection of science and love..."

Beltway Poetry Quarterly publishes poetry by authors who live or work in the capital of the United States. Poet (and Beltway founder) Kim Roberts edits three issues a year, and the fourth issue is guest edited by another area writer (who has previously been featured in an issue). Each issue typically features four to eight poems by five authors.

Subscriptions are free (bottom of the page), and as an added plus, Beltway’s site offers an incredible list of resources for writers (local poetry readings series and venues, artist residency opportunities, and more).

Always nice to be reminded that there’s more going on inside the Beltway than policy wonks, bureaucrats, and former high school class presidents jostling for position!


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