Monday, November 27, 2017

New Flash Fiction!

Here’s my story “Valentine’s Day” in Shenandoah that will probably take you about three minutes to read:

“It’s your worst habit.” She accuses him constantly, a waspish buzz to ignore: it’s the toothpick wagging between his teeth, or “Jesus fucking Christ” flying out even on Sundays, or letting crackers go stale with the inner bag left gaping open, or sleepwalking, or. “It’s your worst habit,” she says to all of that and to all the rest, a prissy smirk cemented on her face, and here it is tonight, already.


Here’s my story “Leftovers” in Four Way Review that will probably take you about 45 seconds to read:

My English teacher said yesterday there’s no gift that doesn’t come with chains. No one was listening because she’s always spouting stupid crap but she, right at that exact second, started giving me her sharp-eye and I wrote it down and she smiled this tight way that prickled me.

Both pieces were written in my amazing prompt writing group…more info about that (and how you can incorporate prompts into your writing life) here:


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