Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Books Alive! Conference...April 28 & 29

I’ll be participating in this conference and am passing on this early registration info from the organizers:

Hey all DMV Writer friends.. Last day, March 1, to sign up for the Early Bird rate for the 5th annual Books Alive! Washington Writers Conference on April 28 and 29th at the College Park Marriott... There will be loads of writers, editors, and LITERARY AGENTS there (every registrant can speed-pitch up to 3 literary agents). It's a terrific conference if you're ready to learn more about publishing, or if you're ready to get your novel or nonfiction book out in the world. It's organized by the nonprofit Washington Independent Review of Books. If you are a member of the Writer's Center in Bethesda, put in the coupon code WRITERSCENTER and receive an additional 10% off. 

Register at today and save... hope to see you there!!


DC-area author Leslie Pietrzyk explores the creative process and all things literary.