Wednesday, April 13, 2016

AWP16...Now What? How to Organize Yourself Post-Conference

I published this article last year, about what to do in the afterglow of AWP and how to organize yourself once you’ve settled back into the real world. The advice applies to the aftermath of any writing conference, really, but since I’m staring at a totebag of swag and business cards, I think the piece is worth revisiting, planning to follow my own good advice:

You had an amazing time at AWP15. You snagged seats at the best panels and readings, collected armloads of swag/books/journals at the bookfair, connected with old friends, and made new friends at the bar or elsewhere. Your selfie with the Mary Tyler Moore statue got 52 likes on Instagram. Now it’s back to home and the same old routine. How can you keep that conference energy going with the real world pressing hard?
My post-conference plan tackles business and writing. I’m usually a checklist-wielding tyrant, but this plan is flexible, without deadlines, meaning it’s not too late to adopt some of these strategies.


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