Monday, February 29, 2016

Class at the Beach!

I’m excited at the prospect of heading to Rehoboth Beach for a reading and to teach this class, which is open to the public. Please come join me—or Lisa, who is an AMAZING teacher. (If I wasn’t teaching at the same time, I would be taking her class, actually.) And go ahead and pass along the word.

Hosted by the Rehoboth Beach Writers' Guild:  
Two workshops! Two Terrific Writers

Saturday, March 12, 10AM - Noon
Rehoboth location (will be provided via email)
$55 RBWG members; $65 non-RBWG members
To register email Maribeth:  fischer.maribeth AT

In the Beginning: Get Your Novel/Story/Memoir Off to a Great Start! Leslie Pietrzyk

Most writers know they have to “hook” their reader from the start of the story or novel, but how exactly do we do this? What are the elements that make a great beginning to a story or novel or memoir?  You’ll find out in this class, as we explore ways to strengthen your opening pages.  Everyone is invited to bring 10 copies of the first two pages of one of their stories/novels/essays/memoirs for some hands-on advice (optional). 

Finding the Flow-Lisa Couturier

Imagine language as a river and the writer as a captain who steers us along tributaries of thought, who lingers on islands of the past, and who bides time reflecting in the bay--all to carry us to some destination of meaning. How is this accomplished? We will investigate the secrets and techniques that writers use to free their mind and their language in order to arrive at deeper emotional levels.  Using examples from the growing world of "hybrid" writing-- lyric essay, fragments, poetic memoir, and short-form nonfiction--we will apply our discoveries to your writing.  It is optional, but encouraged, to bring copies of ONE PAGE of your work to "work on" in a supportive and encouraging environment. All levels welcome. 

Here’s info on the reading, which is the night BEFORE these classes:

March 11, 2016
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Reading: 6 pm ~ 8:30 pm
(order food/beverages @ 6; reading starts @ 7)
Nicola Pizza (upstairs)
 8 N 1st St
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Reading with Lisa Couturier


DC-area author Leslie Pietrzyk explores the creative process and all things literary.