Friday, August 14, 2015

Doubleback Books Seeking Submissions of Out-of-Print Books for Reprint

I love this call for submissions, seeking for reprint small press books that have gone out of print:

Sundress Publications is now accepting submissions to be published through Doubleback Books. We believe that out of print should not mean out of mind. Although other publishers rescue works that have fallen into the public domain from obscurity, few reprint books from small, independent presses that have folded during the twenty-first century and (often through no fault of their own) left new, exciting books to go out of print before their time.  
If you are the author of a book that has recently gone out of print because the press closed, we want to read it. If you are the former editor of a recently closed press with books you believe deserve to return to print, we want to read them. If we love them, we want to give the world another chance to love them, too.  
Submission Guidelines 
Authors of works that have gone out of print due to the closure of the original press may submit full-length or short books, including novels, novellas, chapbooks, short story collections, poetry collections, essay collections, and memoirs. We will read manuscripts of any literary genre: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, none of the above, some of the above, or all of the above. Editors may also submit out-of-print manuscripts their presses published before closing. To be eligible, works must have been both published and out of print by no earlier than 2000.  
To submit, you may send your manuscript(s) in .PDF or .DOC format via email to doublebackATsundresspublicationsDOTcom. Simply include a brief cover letter in the body of the email telling us a little bit about your work and yourself.  

Accepted manuscripts will be turned into downloadable e-books available for free on the Sundress Publications website! Previous titles include Karyna McGlynn's Alabama Steve and Jehanne Dubrow's The Hardship Post.   

Along with your manuscript, please include the name of the manuscript's original publisher, as well as the name and contact information of the publisher's former editor-in-chief, if available. Be sure to note the genre of the manuscript in your cover letter.  


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