Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Book Review of THIS ANGEL ON MY CHEST

To quote an ancient TV show that I was once fond of despite its obvious terribleness,

You take the good
You take the bad
You take them both
And there you have
The facts of life, the facts of life.

If you recognize it, I’m sure you’re thanking me for putting this song into your head! Here’s a link to really lock it in:

All this to maintain modesty in the light of some very good news, which is the first review of THIS ANGEL IN MY CHEST, which is starred, which is from Kirkus, and which makes me so, so, so, so happy! So, yes thank you, I think I’ll take this good for right now.

“The author's wit, clarity, and literary inventiveness dance circles around the omnipresent sadness, making this book a prime example of the furious creative energy that can explode from the collision of grief with talent and craftsmanship.”

Read the whole thing:


DC-area author Leslie Pietrzyk explores the creative process and all things literary.