Monday, June 29, 2015

Janet Fitch's 10 Writing Tips

I found this link on Facebook, via Dylan Landis, and had to share it because the information is brilliant and succinct, Janet Fitch’s “10 Writing Tips that Can Help Almost Anyone”:

 9. Write in scenes What is a scene? a) A scene starts and ends in one place at one time (the Aristotelian unities of time and place–this stuff goes waaaayyyy back). b) A scene starts in one place emotionally and ends in another place emotionally. Starts angry, ends embarrassed. Starts lovestruck, ends disgusted. c) Something happens in a scene, whereby the character cannot go back to the way things were before. Make sure to finish a scene before you go on to the next. Make something happen.

Also, check out Dylan’s wonderful book, Rainey Royal, now in paperback! It’s a stunner:

“A mesmerizing portrait of a teenager in 1970s Greenwich Village. Rainey Royal’s life is wantonly glamorous, degenerate, sophisticated . . . [Landis] has created a kind of scandalous beauty in her tale of the simultaneously fierce and vulnerable Rainey.”Kirkus Reviews


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