Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Residency Life

I was thinking about writing up a report today on the goings-on at Dairy Hollow, but then I realized I must dump the 20+ pages I spent the last few days sweating over, and I’m excited at my new re-envisioning of the material so my report is on hold for now—but look what showed up on Facebook! This link to a blog post written by one of my residency-mates that beautifully captures the spirit of this place:

I just returned from my fifth residency at The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, and I feel compelled to give my testimony. Dairy Hollow is the place I write best. Edits are accomplished. Ideas appear. Words flow straight out of my brain and onto my Mac while my fingers move as though I’m playing a song on the piano. (Chopsticks, to be specific, and we writers are all about specific.)  After five visits, I realize there are (at least) five reasons for this productivity. And the reasons work together, a sum-of-the-parts sort of thing, if you know what I mean…

More information about The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow: http://www.writerscolony.org/


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