Friday, January 16, 2015

Writing & Social Media

Writers, “social media” is not a dirty word!  (I know, it’s actually two words.)  Like it or not, learning to navigate the shoals of shameless self-promotion is part of our JOB these days, whether it’s helping to bring attention to a worthy literary journal that has published our work or trying to move the merch (yes, your beloved book is a PRODUCT).

Anyway, lecture over.  If you’re interested in learning more, you might like to watch this thoughtful, 30-minute panel on writing and social media that I moderated while at the recent Converse MFA residency.  It includes some good tips and some scary facts (how many Twitter followers are online journalists expected to have, minimum??). Thanks to Betsy Teter and Hub City Books for inviting me to participate.  If you’re in Spartanburg, be sure to stop by the bookstore to see what they’ve got on their excellently curated shelves.  And if you’re not headed to Spartanburg, check out the wonderful books the press has published and is releasing soon, including these two by Converse faculty members…they can be mailed right to you!

Here’s the YouTube link to the panel discussion:

Hopefully this embed will also work…. (That's my boot on the right; I do show up in full eventually!)


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