Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Advice for Self-Publishers

An interesting discussion about self-publishing, from Poets & Writer’s magazine:

Coming from a self-published author’s point of view, there’s the terrifying BookScan that traditionally published authors must contend with. To be blunt, if you’re not selling the way a publishing house wants you to, you’re out. Even great writers are under the gun. It’s all about profit-and-loss margins. As I discuss in my self-publishing guide, if you want to be a successful self-published or traditionally published author in today’s market, your mind-set should be: “It’s all about the money, honey.” You have to be the businessperson and the author. Your job is to write a great book and sell it. And if you’re a self-published author, it’s heightened big-time.

You’ll have to buy the magazine (Nov/Dec 2013) to get the better (IMHO) article about various options for self-publishers.  Of course, if you’re thinking about self-publishing, go get your hands on this whole issue, which is devoted to the industry:


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