Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nebraska Update #1

I am feeling settled into my little place here, figuring out the best way to prop my feet and balance my computer on my lap without my legs going numb.  I’ve heard about a Nebraska specialty, Runza, which seems to be a bread bowl with a cabbage/burger mix inside--??  I replaced the disgusting sponges in the sink.  I was shown the best place to go to watch the Missouri River roll by.  I woke up as the first train passed in the night, whistle blaring, but mostly slept through the next one.  I drank a Nebraska beer (Eos) and I heard about where to go to get Buds for a dollar on Thursday.  The bagger at the grocery store followed me and my cart outside, and when I said, “Are you following me?” he said, “Yes, ma’am,” and I said, “I really don’t need any help with my groceries,” but he explained that it’s his job to help.  There’s an Arbor Day parade coming up later in the month (Nebraska City is the birthplace of Arbor Day!) that I don’t want to miss. And I have an inside connection I can use to get a tour of the taxidermy museum where, among other things, I hear there are 100 taxidermied chickens displayed in a coop. I’m reading The Receptionist by Janet Groth, a memoir about her life working for The New Yorker for 21 years and liking it a lot—so gossipy!

Also, I’ve been writing and not automatically hating everything.

Life is good.


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