Friday, March 1, 2013

Best List of Colonies, Ever! (and more)

DC poet and mover&shaker Kim Roberts has redesigned the website for Beltway Poetry Quarterly, and the resources available for writers are impressively stunning.  The focus is on the DMV (oh, come on…that still sounds like a government agency to me, not a geographical area), but writers everywhere will be interested in the comprehensive list of colonies and residencies and information about area reading series.

Here are some of the categories:

National artist residencies, divided by geographic area
Local journals
Reading series
Small presses

Go to the main website and look for the “resources” button at the upper right.  So much info! And if you want your group/event listed, you can find submission info here.

You’ll also find news about and for area poets, including upcoming readings and forthcoming books.  Thank you, Kim, for what is clearly a true LABOR and a true LOVE of the local writing scene.


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