Thursday, January 24, 2013

Forging Ahead with the NEA Application!

My NEA application journey continues... (See previous posts to read about the beginning of this odyssey.)

--I have the four pdfs.

--The four pdfs must have special names.

--The specially-named pdfs must be attached in a certain order.

--There are fifteen different places one can attach the pdfs, but I am instructed to only use the correct four places.

--I view the four specially-named pdfs to make sure they are attached in the proper order, but I don’t view them too closely because I don’t want to see a typo or realize I absolutely must change the word “said” to “asked” in my writing sample.

--I push the button that tests the form for errors.

--No bombs explode.  It seems there are no errors.

--I press “save and submit.”

--Frightening question:  Do I wish to replace the file?

--Um, yes? demands my password which I did not write down and which I suddenly can’t remember.

--I sweat profusely then remember it.

--Nothing happens.

--Nothing happens.

--Nothing happens.

--I press “save and submit” again and replace my file again and type in my password again. springs to life, telling me that maybe I submitted something to somewhere but no one will know for sure for up to two days and I should watch my email for two notifications that may come but may not and if they don’t, I am welcome to email or call them at a phone number that looks like it will ring busy for hours on end.


If I can do it, so can you.  Deadline:  February 28.  Get going!


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