Thursday, October 11, 2012

Link Corral: Redux Open for Submissions; Free E-Book About Living with Cancer

Part 2 of my Quebec eating experience—I  mean, vacation—will have to wait a day or two, so in the meantime here are a few items of note:

--Don’t forget that Redux, the online journal of previously published material, is open for submissions until October 31.  You can find more information here.

--Speaking of Redux, there’s a new story up by Tamra Wilson, “Nora”:

When Nora had all she could take of life, she doused her hair in kerosene and ran down the road swaying and hollering like a branded calf before she finally crumpled to meet her Maker face down.

Hal and Billy were there and they couldn’t forget the sight of their big sister turned into a heap of smoked meat, and it bothered them for weeks and months afterward. They’d wake up nights in bawling fits about a booger, and it about drove Mama distracted trying to quieten them down. (Of course, I was only a baby then, so I couldn’t have no such recollection of my own. I’m just relaying what folks said.) Mama thought maybe all this happened according to the Good Lord’s plan being as how Nora had been an odd sock, but it didn’t matter then; Nora was as dead this way as any other.

--Tracy Krulik, one of the members of my neighborhood writing prompt group, is offering free e-copies of her memoir on Friday and Saturday: 

Told with both frankness and humor, I Have Cancer. And I've Never Felt Better! is the everyman's (or woman's) Lance Armstrong story. It's one woman's wild journey from unraveling a medical mystery that took nine years to solve, to navigating the science and art of medicine in search of the right treatments, to finally awakening to a healthier, more balanced life -- with cancer.

Just as millions of people live healthy lives with chronic diseases like diabetes and even HIV, Tracy Krulik shares how she learned to do the same in her fight against cancer -- using her bike and a plant-based diet as weapons.
You can visit the book's site on Amazon at and download it Friday and Saturday free of charge to your Kindle or Kindle reader, or on your phone, tablet or computer.


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