Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Split This Rock: DC Poetry Festival Set for March 22-25

Has the Occupy movement stirred your soul?  Check out this year's Split This Rock Poetry Festival, here in DC. Registration is now open:

Poems of Provocation and Witness

Split This Rock is a nonprofit organization that calls poets to a greater role in public life and fosters a national network of socially engaged poets. Every two years, Split This Rock hosts a 4-day poetry festival in Washington, DC that draws poets, activists and artists from around the country. The festival includes readings from nationally known poets, workshops, panel discussions, youth programs, open mics and activism.

This March, Split This Rock will host its festival March 22-25, 2012. The festival, titled Poems of Provocation and Witness, will explore economic inequality, political repression, and environmental degradation, among other topics. It will feature some of the most visionary and powerful voices of our time, including Alice Walker, Homero Aridjis, Sonia Sanchez and
other featured poets. It will also bring together environmental activists, youth organizers, slam champions, poets of all ethnicities, DC-area poets, publishers, and emerging poets.

To learn more about the festival and to register, click


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