Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Link Corral: New Story on Redux; Short Novel Contest; Win a Year of The Sun

Be sure to check out Dana Cann’s great story “Clockwise” on Redux: A Literary Journal.  (Secret insider info:  I first met Dana when he was in one of my workshops at the Writer’s Center.)

“On the night they died, the Wynn family, each in his or her bed on the second floor of their house on Maiden Lane, dreamed of the children—of Tina Wynn, the girl, and Brandon Wynn, the boy—flying, clockwise, through the rooms and hallways that formed a loop on the first floor. It was the same loop the children had run when they were small, chasing one another or being chased by their father or their mother or, on occasion, both. But tonight they did so in their dreams, and they did so in the air, without touching the ground. And all the while the gas from the cracked furnace seeped up the stairwells and through the floorboards and vents, which brought the heat from the furnace’s flame to the rest of the house.”

Read the rest here.


Grassic Short Novel Prize from Evening Street Press

Our idea is to emphasize the power, skill and enduring value of the short novel form: limit 90-150 pages.

For example:                         
(pages given vary with edition)

Conrad, Heart of Darkness  (90)
’Connor, Wise Blood   (140)
Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground   (96)
West,  Miss Lonelyhearts   (95)
Chopin, The Awakening    (150)
Camus, The Stranger   (150)
Hesse,  Siddartha   (145)
Twain, The Mysterious Stranger   (100)
James, The Asper
n Papers  (100)

[Editor's note: Quite an intimidating list!]
$500 and publication by the Evening Street Press will be awarded for the best short novel manuscript. The contest is open to writers who have already published books as well as those for whom this is a first book. The winning writer will receive 25 copies from a press run of 250. Submissions accepted May 1, 2011 to December 1, 2011.

Manuscript Requirements
--ms. must contain between 90 and 150 pages (45,000-75,000 words)
--ms. must be typed (single spaced)
--ms. pages must be numbered and a table of contents included
--include an acknowledgements page
--include one cover page that contains the title, your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address
--include a second cover page that contains the title only
--your name must not appear anywhere else on the ms.
--SASE for results--manuscripts will not be returned
Reading Fee
The $25 reading fee includes a one-issue subscription to the Evening Street Review.  Make check or money order payable to Evening Street Press. We reserve the right not to name a winner.

You may submit more than one manuscript.  Send multiple submissions in the same envelope, marked “Multiple.” Each manuscript must include a $25 reading fee. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but we must be informed immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Mail entries (no email submissions, please) to:
 Evening Street Press
7652 Sawmill Road #352
Dublin, OH 43016-9296.

More info:


Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a free subscription to The Sun magazine, in honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday.  Details here.


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