Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Story in Camera Obscura

I’m so proud to report that I have a story in the new edition of Camera Obscura, which is a stunningly beautiful independent journal that features prose and photography. That's Volume 3, summer-fall 2011, for the librarians out there.

Really, I haven’t seen a lovelier journal in quite a while: lush paper stock, thoughtful and varied photographs, classy font, and clean design. (Can I brag and say that it was listed in Library Journal’s Best Magazines of 2010?)

The story of mine that’s in here is quite a departure for me, an impressionistic piece that I wrote thanks to my “famous” collage exercise (read my previous post about collage here). Plus it’s about a ghost!  (Watch out, Twilight...vampires are so over!)

I haven’t yet had a chance to read the other pieces, but the titles are evocative: “It Goes Without Saying,” “The Nameless Saint,” “Faith and Burning,” “Exactly What to Say,” “A Long and Distinguished Career,” and “The Landfill.” (My piece is called “Ghost, 1899.”)

I’m sorry that you can’t read my story online—but this is a journal worth seeking out and paying $$ for. I’m so delighted my odd little piece found such an impressive home.

Pertinent links:
More info about the journal: http://www.obscurajournal.com/index.php
Submit your work: http://www.obscurajournal.com/guidelines.php
 (There’s a prize of $1000 for the best piece published in each issue!)
Where to buy a copy: http://www.obscurajournal.com/where_to_buy.php


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