Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Change Is Good...

…right? It better be, since now I have absolutely no idea how to make this blog look like it used to. I’ve updated the blogrolls and reorganized; I’ve also added tabs to make sharing easier on Facebook and the other places those symbols take you (email, Twitter, and who-knows-where-else...the dark side of the moon?). Also, feel free to express an opinion on what you read, though cleverly you’re limited to “funny,” “interesting,” and “cool” since no one really wants to hear that their blog post “sucks.”

There’s also a “search” button but it doesn’t seem to work, so that’s helpful, eh? Maybe it will fix itself in the coming days, which is generally my approach to computer repair.

(If you’re reading this in an email newsletter, you have no idea what I’m talking about, so don’t panic. But do check out the brand new look to the blog if you get a chance: www.workinprogressinprogress.blogspot.com). Compliments/complaints are welcome, the compliments more so.


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