Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kermit Moyer to Read on 4/14

Kermit Moyer, one of my teachers from American University, will be back in town to read from his new book, The Chester Chronicles:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
8 PM
American University
Washington, DC

The new book sounds great:
In The Chester Chronicles, Moyer again explores the rocky terrain of childhood and adolescence but this time from a single window: the perspective of Chester “Chet” Patterson, an “Army brat” who grows up in the 1950s and comes of age in the 1960s. Chester’s point of view is retrospective, but the immediacy of his present-tense narration puts us right there in the moment—even though “there” is constantly changing since Chester is always in transit, the perennial outsider, stuck with a name that feels like a running joke and plagued with Oedipal anxieties and existential doubt yet nonetheless convinced of his heroic destiny. Each chapter is a discrete story that chronicles a pivotal moment in Chester’s life, taking him a little deeper into himself as well as a little farther into the century.

And learn more about Kermit here:

This AU reading site is one of the worst event websites I’ve seen (i.e. no times, no directions, no rooms), so I hate to link to it, but here it is since it’s what we’ve got for “official”:


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