Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Want a Free Box of Literary Journals?

I accumulate a number of literary journals through subscriptions and purchases and freebies, and after I’m done with them I try to find ways to pass them along, usually involved with a class I’m teaching. But my class this spring doesn’t lend itself to my usual lit journal project, and the stack is teetering and spilling over….

So, here’s my thought: I will pack as many of them as I can into one of those set-price boxes at the post office and mail it to one random reader selected from all who enter. If you’re interested, email me your name/address (U.S. only; sorry!) with the subject line BOX OF JOURNALS.

I’m not sure how many copies I can fit into one box, but I’ll have to take a moment and brag that I do an absolutely amazing job of packing a car for a road trip, so I bet it will be more than you expect. Journals include Shenandoah, Tin House, Gettysburg Review, Review, One Story, and I won’t send anything older than 2(ish) years.

Deadline to enter this exciting competition is Friday, January 29, 6 PM EST!

Legalese: Your entry email will be promptly deleted after this contest ends, and your name/info will not be added to any lists.


DC-area author Leslie Pietrzyk explores the creative process and all things literary.