Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nancy Drew's Guide to Life

I received as a gift a copy of one of those tiny books that are often placed at the cash register, designed to be purchased in a moment of weakness after you’ve loaded up your arms with a stack of “important” books…but this book is very important in its own right, and is perfect, both as tiny book format and as a gift for me. (Thank you, Ting!) I’m referring to Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life by Jennifer Worick.

From the intro:

“Role model? Definitely. Genius? Oh, yeah. Goddess? Probably….Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life is a loving tribute to the young gumshoe and the wisdom she imparted to us. We would never have thought of reviving someone with our purse-sized vial of Chanel No. 19. And who would have suspected that it isn’t wise to buy stock from a door-to-door saleswoman? Nancy, that’s who.”

The book is divided into sections with topics such as “Dating: A Primer,” “Sleuthing 101,” and “The Delicate Art of Etiquette.” In each section are relevant bits of advice gleaned from various Nancy Drew books. They’re hilarious and oddly wise:

“Being able to throw your voice can get your unskilled assistants out of tight jams.” ~ The Ringmaster’s Secret

“A mysterious expression will add a lovely sheen to your complexion.” ~ The Clue of the Velvet Mask

“If tied up by a culprit, note whether they used any fancy nautical knots. It might be a valuable clue.” ~ The Clue in the Old Stagecoach

If you spent hours immersed with the titian-haired goddess, longing for a roadster of your own, this book is totally for you. The picture on the Amazon site doesn’t show the best part: a ribbon bookmark with a tiny magnifying glass hanging on the end!

Note to the FTC Overlords: I received this book as a Christmas gift. Yes, I feel slightly guilty for not waiting until December 25 to open it.


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