Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Online Poetry Journal LOCUSPOINT Seeks Managing Editors

Here’s a good opportunity for the right person. This is from poet Charles Jensen’s blog. Along with serving as the Executive Director of the Writer’s Center, he edits LOCUSPOINT:

LOCUSPOINT seeks 1-2 co-managing editor volunteers.

LOCUSPOINT, an online poetry journal that explores creative work on a city-by-city basis, seeks 1-2 volunteers to join the team of managing editors who support the magazine's production and forward momentum.

The perfect teammates will have an interest and investment in contemporary American poetry; be knowledgeable of its practitioners, both established and emerging; have an interest in developing skills in literary magazine production and publication or marketing/promotion. Based on interest, the position would be broken up into production tasks and promotional tasks.

The new managing editor(s) will assist me with:
> communication and follow-up with guest editors in various cities (production)
> follow up with authors on edits to galleys (production)
> long term: assessment of past cities' links sections (production)
> oversight and management of LOCUSPOINT blog (promotion)
> assistance to editors in arranging local LOCUSPOINT readings (promotion)
> entrepreneurial efforts to widen the readership of LOCUSPOINT (promotion)

These are unpaid, for-the-love-of-it positions as LOCUSPOINT has no annual budget.

To apply, please send a resume and brief cover letter that describes your interest in working with LOCUSPOINT to Charles.jensen@gmail.com by December 1, 2009.;

You can read LOCUSPOINT here.


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