Friday, May 29, 2009

Report from Spartanburg: 3 BBQs and 1 Cheeseburger

Sorry that it's too hard (and I'm too lazy) to provide the appropriate links, but since leaving on Tuesday morning, I have had noteworthy barbecue three different times:

1) In Durham, NC, visiting my sister, who had researched places to find just the right one: Hog Heaven, where we each had a BBQ plate, two "veggies," hush puppies, and sweet tea. I call them "veggies" because the candied sweet potatoes had so much delicious sugar coating them, that I doubt they were healthy, and macaroni and cheese was one option.

2) In Lexington, NC, just off I-85, another BBQ plate at Jimmy's. The sides were fries and an amazing cole slaw with a tart, red vinegar sauce.

3) My dear friends at the Converse College dining hall served up a great BBQ spread for our first official meal. Yum!

And I'm certainly not going to slight the amazing cheeseburger I had here in Spartanburg, at the Ny-Way grill...named South Carolina's best cheeseburger, and for good reason. The meat was somehow packed loosely but firmly for the best texture I think I've had. Because the place has been recently "discovered," it was packed and service was slow...but totally worth the weight. (haha--I think I'll leave this "I'm brain-dead" typo.)

I also had a nice experience with a friendly, helpful South Carolina auto mechanic. Would you believe that he didn't want to charge me for his service: "I didn't work on your car for but five minutes." So the car is fixed--but I may not want to return home from this land of friendly folk and delicious meat products.


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