Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moon Rhymes with Goon

Having the zodiac sign of Cancer means I am a moonchild, which may explain why this contest appeals to me:

Moon Poem Broadside Contest – No Fee

Do you have a poem about the Moon? Moonlight? Phases or effects of the moon? What waxes or wanes? Clever personifications? Something new under the moon? Twin Cranes Press is sponsoring a free Moon poem broadside contest.

The winning entry will be produced in a limited, numbered edition of 100 copies, of which 25 go to the author and 75 will be sold to raise funds to support Moonlit, a Chicago-based literary journal edited by Lisa Janssen and Claire McMahon. In the event of a tie, the press may publish co-winners.

The fundraising event for Moonlit will be held in Cleveland on June 13th, and the winning poet will be invited to attend and read the winning entry. Twin Cranes Press of Canton, Ohio publishes occasional projects to raise funds to support journals, literary centers, and causes it deems worth. Winner(s) will be selected by the editors, Robert Miltner and Lisa Vargas.

The guidelines are simple and are as follows:
All forms of poetry considered
Include author contact information—name, address, phone number, email—on each submission
Poets should submit no more than three entries
Limit poems to approximately 30 lines12 point font, please
Previously published poems considered if poet holds copyright and publication information (journal, issue, year, page or website) is provided
Poems may be co-authored
Rights revert back to author upon printing
Electronic submissions only.

Send submissions to twincranespress@gmail.com
Put your last name in the subject line. Attach your poem(s) in a word file AND paste the poem(s) in 12 point font in the body of the email.

Deadline is midnight, May 31, 2009

Results of contest will be sent electronically after decisions are made

For questions, contact editors at twincranespess@gmail.com. Put “Question” in the subject line.


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