Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fame and Fortune for DC Writers

I was reading my new issue of Poets & Writers magazine last night and came across this relevant award for DC writers, sponsored by Poets & Writers, Inc. Since it involves a free trip to my favorite city, I feel compelled to pass along the info:

Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award

Two prizes of $500 each are awarded annually to a poet and a fiction writer from a select area, typically a state. Each winner also receives an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City to give a reading and meet with writers, editors, publishers, and agents. The 2008 contest is open to residents of Washington, DC. Poets and fiction writers who have published no more than one full-length book in the genre in which they are applying are eligible. Submit five copies of up to 10 pages of poetry or 25 pages of fiction by December 1. There is no entry fee. Required application and complete guidelines are here.

So, DC residents, this opportunity makes up for not having full representation in Congress, right?


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