Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stretching for that Creative Link

This has nothing to do with the creative process, but I’ve recently discovered the Altoids that are dipped in dark chocolate. They’re delicious! I’ve never been a fan of the peppermint Altoids—too “curiously strong” for me, and typically I spit them out after two seconds—but these are incredible. The chocolate is a needed buffer; they’ve been described as a “crunchy Junior Mint.” Now I’m desperate to find the chocolate dipped ginger Altoids.

Here's someone who agrees with me (though I’m distressed at the lack of love for ginger).

Sadly, the Altoids web site was of no help whatsoever. Sorry guys—not everyone has time and/or patience to “shoot” at a gallery of floating Altoids to find out more information about a product.

Awful Confession: I ate about 10 in the process of composing this blog entry.


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